Monday, 25 March 2013

Style icon

Ok so my current style icon has to be Lauren Conrad .
Being a hairdresser isn't just about doing hair their are so many different factors you have to take into consideration, such as what personality they have, their job, and their style to name a few so to be a good hairdresser you have to know all the latest trends not only in hair but in fashion to.
So when I was researching fashion earlier this month online with my best friend she told me to borrow her Lauren Conrad books 'style' and 'beauty'. It was a Monday morning when I finally managed to sit down with the books and attempt a read. It was my day off and I had especially left my day empty and free from appointments, shopping and meeting my friends to under go this research. Armed with my morning coffee, my iPad, various magazines, the 2 books, a pen and note pad and chocolate for when I started to stress out I read both books - yesnone after the other all within that very morning before swiftly searching her out on the Internet for my amazing style tips not a single piece of chocolate had to be consumed.
Well thank god for my best friend and thank god for Lauren Conrad.

I'm absolutely obsessed by her website and am constantly checking it for updates, she covers so many things from style and fashion to decorating and dieting, is their anything she doesn't know about??

I watched the hills a while back on Netflix and when researching fashion I didn't even think to look her up,
She's such a pretty lady and always looks amazing in literally everything she wears. So move over Kim kardashian I have a new style icon :)
For anyone that has no idea who Lauren Conrad is or who hasn't seen her website ........ Why the hell not?
Check it out.

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