Monday, 25 March 2013

Style icon

Ok so my current style icon has to be Lauren Conrad .
Being a hairdresser isn't just about doing hair their are so many different factors you have to take into consideration, such as what personality they have, their job, and their style to name a few so to be a good hairdresser you have to know all the latest trends not only in hair but in fashion to.
So when I was researching fashion earlier this month online with my best friend she told me to borrow her Lauren Conrad books 'style' and 'beauty'. It was a Monday morning when I finally managed to sit down with the books and attempt a read. It was my day off and I had especially left my day empty and free from appointments, shopping and meeting my friends to under go this research. Armed with my morning coffee, my iPad, various magazines, the 2 books, a pen and note pad and chocolate for when I started to stress out I read both books - yesnone after the other all within that very morning before swiftly searching her out on the Internet for my amazing style tips not a single piece of chocolate had to be consumed.
Well thank god for my best friend and thank god for Lauren Conrad.

I'm absolutely obsessed by her website and am constantly checking it for updates, she covers so many things from style and fashion to decorating and dieting, is their anything she doesn't know about??

I watched the hills a while back on Netflix and when researching fashion I didn't even think to look her up,
She's such a pretty lady and always looks amazing in literally everything she wears. So move over Kim kardashian I have a new style icon :)
For anyone that has no idea who Lauren Conrad is or who hasn't seen her website ........ Why the hell not?
Check it out.

Home makeover

Ok so this weekend we decided after being in our house over 18months that we would redecorate, it's not been on a huge scale because we're looking at moving in the summer but this will just add on value to the house.

I love anything that's shabby chic/vintage so I opted for this very cute 'home sweet home' sign £19.99 from dunelm mill.
This goes very sweetly on our entrance wall under the shabby chic mirror I have. Very cute and just adds some detailing to an other wise very dull and boring room.

I'm a very cosy person I love nothing more than closing the curtains having the lamps in the house on dull and lighting some candles while snuggled on the sofa with my cath kidston patchwork blanket that I brought for £80 from the cath kidston shop in Cambridge.

In my hall way I added a touch of lighting I never find the main lights very cosy their always so bright and blaring, so I opted for some twig lights now I know these are so last year but they give off such a nice little glow I just had to, they were purchased from a little shop near mine called the factory shop for £9.99

In the bathroom we gave it a lick of paint we wanted to keep it subtle for the next people who come in so we painted them magnolia and added in purple towels and a sparkly purple 'bath' sign (£6.99 from matalan) to add some glimmer to the windowsill. Now I don't know about you but I always forget to bring a towel into the bathroom with me and my airing cupboard is always packed so we brought a cute basket (dunelm mill £29.99) that has a lid to put all our towels in that are fresh and clean. It added something different to what can be a very boring room.

The bedroom 
Now we really couldn't agree on a colour for in here I really wanted it to be a pink vintage room but obviously my boyfriend had other ideas seen as we had paint left over from the bathroom we compromised with using magnolia and decorate it with accessories. We already had cream curtains up so they stayed Iv got a white vintage dressing table complete with white stool and mirror so I put my 2 pink candle holders  either side of the mirror and fairy lights around the mirror. My boyfriend then added the black photo frames he brought me for Christmas rose background (tk maxx £4.99 each) on the windowsill with pictures of us in.
'Sweet dreams' sticker above our headboard on the wall and then I have a 3 piece canverse  of roses that he hung in the spare wall the other side of the bed.

Ill have to upload some more pictures of all the rooms when they are mess free so watch out guys :)

Nature ombré (hair)

Ok so this week I attended a hair catwalk fashion show for the latest colour trends for 2013 summer addition.
I was extremely shocked following the last few seasons dip dye/ombré trend with the being so out their with its colours to just how simple and subtitle this summers trends are. As a rule hair colouring goes lighter for the summer and deeper and richer for the winter. This year the rule has kept the same concept but just more suttle. With 2012 rocking out the ombré look with the deeper roots and blond ends through all seasons this is one hell of a change

As you can see from the picture above rich golden browns with very fine highlights give off a lovely summery feel. In the summer shiney hair is a must. The best way to get shine from your hair is a glossing semi permanent colour. Browns always reflect the light so as a rule brunettes always get a better shine than blondes 

The picture above shows a beautiful mocha colour with simple copper foils coming through the fringe to add a little something extra form an all over colour but keeping with the nature ombré theme 

Friday, 15 March 2013

Slimming world in pictures

Ok so in the past year to 18 months Iv realised that I have put on some weight, nothing major to people but to me I feel awful. I put it more down to changing jobs and being that bit further away where I can't walk it on a daily basis like I used to with my old job. And also the stress isn't their when I got myself stressed I wouldn't eat, I could go days without having a proper meal. So I decided rather than sit and be miserable about the weight gain I'd do something about it, I'm bar far more happier now in my work life s I decided to find a happy medium and be where I want to be with my weight too.
Now I know every girl wants that summer bikini body, but why only in the summer? Why not all year round? If I lose weight it'll be for good and not just summer!!
Anyway Iv heard some amazing things bout slimming world - my cousin did it and has made a major change to her life she's hardly recognisable anymore and that's for the better unease you were wondering.
I'm sticking to the old style slimming world and 15 syns a day. I love that their is free foods. Food you can eat as much as you want of and not use up any of your daily syncs.

Iv chosen a few pics of myself from a recent night out where I really noticed the change in me.

I must admit Iv not being weighing myself simply for the reason I'd also like to toner up and muscle weights more than fat and I don't want to dishearten myself. Instead Iv been sizing myself up. Iv currently dropped a dress size that I'm very very happy about. This picture here I'm comfortably in a size 12 top and 10 leggings.

I'm fortunate enough to have big boobs so my top half is always bigger than my bottom half.

I won't say this was easy because that's a pure lie.
The first week was fine and then it got harder by my 3rd week I was craving chocolate, fish and chips and a decent night out with a few glasses of wine but I restrained myself from the temptation.

My boyfriend has been a doll his kept me in the right track and refused my pig outs when i feel like giving it all up.

I do still crave stupid stuff like fish and chips and wine and I'm now letting myself have it occasionally by saving up my syns throughout the weeks.

This  last picture is one if the latest pictures if myself - I'm pretty pleased as in this pic I'm wearing a size 10 dress from new look. It was very tight getting it over my boobs but when It was on it was fine until it had to come off at the end of the night...
My aim is to be a comfortable size 10-12 and had a toned stomach so ill keep you all updated on how I'm getting on :)

Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Nail art

Ok so when it comes to painting my nails my nail varnish collection is right up with with my shoe and bag collection
Tonight I decided to count my nail varnish collection and I current,y have 306 nail polishes. So yeah maybe I'm abit OCD when it comes to nail varnishes.
I really don't care what make I go for so long as it looks amazing on my nails and I can easily paint them and do my own nail art - between trips on going to the nail bar. I don't know about you but I change my nails on almost a daily basis it has to match your outfit and I flit between colours alot.

So below is a picture of my to nail varnishes . I struggle to find ones that I like the best so their for Iv given a small selection

The majority of the varnishes in the picture are Barry M but I do also have number 7, china glaze, rimmel, Sally Hanson, gosh and avon.
Excuse my glittery kardashian kollection purse in the background.

So today im I'm two minds what colour to paint my nails. Either green or purple. After trying them both out I decided to go with the grape goddess in the avon collection.

So step one - file my nails, I always so the first to save on Any wasted products and to save from chipping.

2- apply my base coat I'm currently using one that i got from my local Sally's hair and beauty supply wholesales its a nuia pro top coat. Wait roughly 5 mins to dry.

3- work my colour from base to tip until the nail is covered and leave to dry for 3 mins.

4- apply a second coat in exactly the same way as you did step 3.

5- depending on the colour and how well it's come out I sometimes leave my nails to dry for 10mins and add another layer if I think the colour is fine with just the 2 coats I move on.

6- I apply my super dry top coat working that from base to tip in single strokes.

7- to make sure I don't smudge my nails I always spray on some avon nail experts liquid freeze, this just helps the drying time and protects the nails from any chips
But please don't think after spraying this your nails will instantly be dry, they won't!! Make sure you take extra care for a least 20mins after applying the varnish.

If theirs washing up to do I always get my boyfriend to do it, when I pait my nails he always becomes my servant :)

Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Red Hair Don't Care

Hello my georgeous people. As you can tell I have red hurrr!!!

So I've been desperately wanting red hurrr, I had it way back in 2010 but had to change it for a few reasons. One being I was going on holiday to Cyprus in the hight of their summer and didn't want it to go ginger and the second reason being the condition of my hair was  pretty bad  and was snapping off to much.  After much debate an awful lot of conditioning products  and a serious hair cut I was ready for some red action again.  After Cheryl Cole made red a serious fashion subject every single client that come into the salon and sat  on my styling chair wanted a piece of it. Now the red craze has died down I fancied getting their with it again, and since brightening up  with this red Iv had at least 3 clients today alone wanting it. (Trendsetter? I think so) 

So how did I create this colour?    .... Since starting sat kings hair studios Iv been using goldwell products, as some of you may know my previous salon used wella so I'm professionally trained I'm both, I don't have a personal preference they both work well and different colours work better in each range, for this look we mixed 5RR AND 6RR  with RR MIX to give it some  punch. 
This was put over my hair that was on a base level 5 . 

As everyone knows reds are the worst colour for fades so Iv brought myself some revlon 500 raspberry/red 3 min treat. I got it from my local wholesaler for £9.40 + VAT. It's so easy to use but you must remember to wear gloves. 
1 - Shampoo your hair with a colour protecter shampoo I'm currently using matrix colour care shampoo but I know lots of other really good colour shampoos such as colour extend by redken and non salon make ignite my colour by herbal essences 

2 - towel dry your hair and apply to squirts of the revlon 500. Evenly work it through your hair, because your hair is wet it'll spread through easily meaning less wastage of the product 

3 - leave for 3 mins 

4 - wash off thoroughly be warned the water will run pink for a little while after this is ok as long as its running and even lighter pink

5 - add conditioner and working it through as you usually would. 

I do this every wash. BUt if your not looking to lighten your red then use it once a week just to control the fade 

Please remember do not use a white towel when a bright colour such as red or purples have been used, it will only end in disaster and a very pink towel 


Hey, so this is my first blog - exciting!! 
So really this is a little incite of my life and all things girlie cute and sparkly. I'm a real shopaholic and defiantly would say I have an addiction to shopping, I'm happy when I shop and theirs no greater feeling than coming home with a boot full of pretty little purchases and trying them back on in your own home while doing a little fashion catwalk in front of your mirror or my case my boyfriend. 
As you can see from my profile I'm a hairdresser well a colour technician to be precise, I love getting my client I'm my chair and *beautify* them, when they walk out of the salon feeling a million dollars due to your work give you such a buzz. 
I'm hopefully working to getting myself a pitch stand at salon international but know ill need to start small and work up to bigger things but theirs nothing wrong with thinking big. 

My home life consists of myself 4 wardrobes full of clothes and my boyfriend - we have been living in our own home for the past 18 month and despite it drinking a lot of my wages I wouldn't change it for the world.

So my blog and what to expect. 
I love anything hair related so if your lucky I may do a few hair tutorials and list my favourite hair products. 
Nails - nail art ok I may not be very good at it but I give it a blooming good try with my nails always being in show I like to make them look good and wouldn't be seen without some kind if varnish or acrylic on it. 
Shopping - yes all my cute little bargains or extravagant splurges no matter how cute or geeky they are all special to me otherwise I wouldn't have brought them. 
Make up - ok so I'm not a make up artist but I do take a huge interest in make up so be sure to find something make up related on here. 

P/R - I'm a  PR friendly blogger. And will gladly review and advertise 
Your products should you wish for me to. I will review fairly  and honestly 
Despite being a hairdresser I do not have any preference on products 
I have used all different kinds of styling products and colouring  solutions 
I buy up anything and everything and don't stick to one product of anything. 

Thank you for checking out my blog please bear with me while I set this up as I'm all new to it. Should you wish to contact me for anything or have any queries please I not hesitate my details are listed below.

Twitter: @missclaiirebear