Monday, 25 March 2013

Home makeover

Ok so this weekend we decided after being in our house over 18months that we would redecorate, it's not been on a huge scale because we're looking at moving in the summer but this will just add on value to the house.

I love anything that's shabby chic/vintage so I opted for this very cute 'home sweet home' sign £19.99 from dunelm mill.
This goes very sweetly on our entrance wall under the shabby chic mirror I have. Very cute and just adds some detailing to an other wise very dull and boring room.

I'm a very cosy person I love nothing more than closing the curtains having the lamps in the house on dull and lighting some candles while snuggled on the sofa with my cath kidston patchwork blanket that I brought for £80 from the cath kidston shop in Cambridge.

In my hall way I added a touch of lighting I never find the main lights very cosy their always so bright and blaring, so I opted for some twig lights now I know these are so last year but they give off such a nice little glow I just had to, they were purchased from a little shop near mine called the factory shop for £9.99

In the bathroom we gave it a lick of paint we wanted to keep it subtle for the next people who come in so we painted them magnolia and added in purple towels and a sparkly purple 'bath' sign (£6.99 from matalan) to add some glimmer to the windowsill. Now I don't know about you but I always forget to bring a towel into the bathroom with me and my airing cupboard is always packed so we brought a cute basket (dunelm mill £29.99) that has a lid to put all our towels in that are fresh and clean. It added something different to what can be a very boring room.

The bedroom 
Now we really couldn't agree on a colour for in here I really wanted it to be a pink vintage room but obviously my boyfriend had other ideas seen as we had paint left over from the bathroom we compromised with using magnolia and decorate it with accessories. We already had cream curtains up so they stayed Iv got a white vintage dressing table complete with white stool and mirror so I put my 2 pink candle holders  either side of the mirror and fairy lights around the mirror. My boyfriend then added the black photo frames he brought me for Christmas rose background (tk maxx £4.99 each) on the windowsill with pictures of us in.
'Sweet dreams' sticker above our headboard on the wall and then I have a 3 piece canverse  of roses that he hung in the spare wall the other side of the bed.

Ill have to upload some more pictures of all the rooms when they are mess free so watch out guys :)

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  1. I have twig lights in my dining room, don't care if they're last year or last 20 years I love them haha :D
    I didn't realise you bought your place, thought you rented! Where you hoping to move to? x