Tuesday, 12 March 2013


Hey, so this is my first blog - exciting!! 
So really this is a little incite of my life and all things girlie cute and sparkly. I'm a real shopaholic and defiantly would say I have an addiction to shopping, I'm happy when I shop and theirs no greater feeling than coming home with a boot full of pretty little purchases and trying them back on in your own home while doing a little fashion catwalk in front of your mirror or my case my boyfriend. 
As you can see from my profile I'm a hairdresser well a colour technician to be precise, I love getting my client I'm my chair and *beautify* them, when they walk out of the salon feeling a million dollars due to your work give you such a buzz. 
I'm hopefully working to getting myself a pitch stand at salon international but know ill need to start small and work up to bigger things but theirs nothing wrong with thinking big. 

My home life consists of myself 4 wardrobes full of clothes and my boyfriend - we have been living in our own home for the past 18 month and despite it drinking a lot of my wages I wouldn't change it for the world.

So my blog and what to expect. 
I love anything hair related so if your lucky I may do a few hair tutorials and list my favourite hair products. 
Nails - nail art ok I may not be very good at it but I give it a blooming good try with my nails always being in show I like to make them look good and wouldn't be seen without some kind if varnish or acrylic on it. 
Shopping - yes all my cute little bargains or extravagant splurges no matter how cute or geeky they are all special to me otherwise I wouldn't have brought them. 
Make up - ok so I'm not a make up artist but I do take a huge interest in make up so be sure to find something make up related on here. 

P/R - I'm a  PR friendly blogger. And will gladly review and advertise 
Your products should you wish for me to. I will review fairly  and honestly 
Despite being a hairdresser I do not have any preference on products 
I have used all different kinds of styling products and colouring  solutions 
I buy up anything and everything and don't stick to one product of anything. 

Thank you for checking out my blog please bear with me while I set this up as I'm all new to it. Should you wish to contact me for anything or have any queries please I not hesitate my details are listed below.

Twitter: @missclaiirebear
E-mail: clairestuteley6@gmail.com

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