Friday, 15 March 2013

Slimming world in pictures

Ok so in the past year to 18 months Iv realised that I have put on some weight, nothing major to people but to me I feel awful. I put it more down to changing jobs and being that bit further away where I can't walk it on a daily basis like I used to with my old job. And also the stress isn't their when I got myself stressed I wouldn't eat, I could go days without having a proper meal. So I decided rather than sit and be miserable about the weight gain I'd do something about it, I'm bar far more happier now in my work life s I decided to find a happy medium and be where I want to be with my weight too.
Now I know every girl wants that summer bikini body, but why only in the summer? Why not all year round? If I lose weight it'll be for good and not just summer!!
Anyway Iv heard some amazing things bout slimming world - my cousin did it and has made a major change to her life she's hardly recognisable anymore and that's for the better unease you were wondering.
I'm sticking to the old style slimming world and 15 syns a day. I love that their is free foods. Food you can eat as much as you want of and not use up any of your daily syncs.

Iv chosen a few pics of myself from a recent night out where I really noticed the change in me.

I must admit Iv not being weighing myself simply for the reason I'd also like to toner up and muscle weights more than fat and I don't want to dishearten myself. Instead Iv been sizing myself up. Iv currently dropped a dress size that I'm very very happy about. This picture here I'm comfortably in a size 12 top and 10 leggings.

I'm fortunate enough to have big boobs so my top half is always bigger than my bottom half.

I won't say this was easy because that's a pure lie.
The first week was fine and then it got harder by my 3rd week I was craving chocolate, fish and chips and a decent night out with a few glasses of wine but I restrained myself from the temptation.

My boyfriend has been a doll his kept me in the right track and refused my pig outs when i feel like giving it all up.

I do still crave stupid stuff like fish and chips and wine and I'm now letting myself have it occasionally by saving up my syns throughout the weeks.

This  last picture is one if the latest pictures if myself - I'm pretty pleased as in this pic I'm wearing a size 10 dress from new look. It was very tight getting it over my boobs but when It was on it was fine until it had to come off at the end of the night...
My aim is to be a comfortable size 10-12 and had a toned stomach so ill keep you all updated on how I'm getting on :)


  1. Well done hun! I admire your will and determination! :)) You look lovely!

    I am having an International Giveaway on my blog and I'd love it if you enter for the chance to win Chanel, Maybelline and other! :))


  2. Aww thanks girl I think I got a little too comfortable with my boyfriend hr keeps telling me I'm not fat but I'd like to get back into my size 10 jeans again :) x