Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Nail art

Ok so when it comes to painting my nails my nail varnish collection is right up with with my shoe and bag collection
Tonight I decided to count my nail varnish collection and I current,y have 306 nail polishes. So yeah maybe I'm abit OCD when it comes to nail varnishes.
I really don't care what make I go for so long as it looks amazing on my nails and I can easily paint them and do my own nail art - between trips on going to the nail bar. I don't know about you but I change my nails on almost a daily basis it has to match your outfit and I flit between colours alot.

So below is a picture of my to nail varnishes . I struggle to find ones that I like the best so their for Iv given a small selection

The majority of the varnishes in the picture are Barry M but I do also have number 7, china glaze, rimmel, Sally Hanson, gosh and avon.
Excuse my glittery kardashian kollection purse in the background.

So today im I'm two minds what colour to paint my nails. Either green or purple. After trying them both out I decided to go with the grape goddess in the avon collection.

So step one - file my nails, I always so the first to save on Any wasted products and to save from chipping.

2- apply my base coat I'm currently using one that i got from my local Sally's hair and beauty supply wholesales its a nuia pro top coat. Wait roughly 5 mins to dry.

3- work my colour from base to tip until the nail is covered and leave to dry for 3 mins.

4- apply a second coat in exactly the same way as you did step 3.

5- depending on the colour and how well it's come out I sometimes leave my nails to dry for 10mins and add another layer if I think the colour is fine with just the 2 coats I move on.

6- I apply my super dry top coat working that from base to tip in single strokes.

7- to make sure I don't smudge my nails I always spray on some avon nail experts liquid freeze, this just helps the drying time and protects the nails from any chips
But please don't think after spraying this your nails will instantly be dry, they won't!! Make sure you take extra care for a least 20mins after applying the varnish.

If theirs washing up to do I always get my boyfriend to do it, when I pait my nails he always becomes my servant :)

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