Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Red Hair Don't Care

Hello my georgeous people. As you can tell I have red hurrr!!!

So I've been desperately wanting red hurrr, I had it way back in 2010 but had to change it for a few reasons. One being I was going on holiday to Cyprus in the hight of their summer and didn't want it to go ginger and the second reason being the condition of my hair was  pretty bad  and was snapping off to much.  After much debate an awful lot of conditioning products  and a serious hair cut I was ready for some red action again.  After Cheryl Cole made red a serious fashion subject every single client that come into the salon and sat  on my styling chair wanted a piece of it. Now the red craze has died down I fancied getting their with it again, and since brightening up  with this red Iv had at least 3 clients today alone wanting it. (Trendsetter? I think so) 

So how did I create this colour?    .... Since starting sat kings hair studios Iv been using goldwell products, as some of you may know my previous salon used wella so I'm professionally trained I'm both, I don't have a personal preference they both work well and different colours work better in each range, for this look we mixed 5RR AND 6RR  with RR MIX to give it some  punch. 
This was put over my hair that was on a base level 5 . 

As everyone knows reds are the worst colour for fades so Iv brought myself some revlon 500 raspberry/red 3 min treat. I got it from my local wholesaler for £9.40 + VAT. It's so easy to use but you must remember to wear gloves. 
1 - Shampoo your hair with a colour protecter shampoo I'm currently using matrix colour care shampoo but I know lots of other really good colour shampoos such as colour extend by redken and non salon make ignite my colour by herbal essences 

2 - towel dry your hair and apply to squirts of the revlon 500. Evenly work it through your hair, because your hair is wet it'll spread through easily meaning less wastage of the product 

3 - leave for 3 mins 

4 - wash off thoroughly be warned the water will run pink for a little while after this is ok as long as its running and even lighter pink

5 - add conditioner and working it through as you usually would. 

I do this every wash. BUt if your not looking to lighten your red then use it once a week just to control the fade 

Please remember do not use a white towel when a bright colour such as red or purples have been used, it will only end in disaster and a very pink towel 

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