Monday, 13 May 2013

one mans trash....

that old saying of 'one mans junk is another mans treasure' i never really understood this. what would somebody want with an old pair of shoes or some unwanted toiletries that you get for christmas?! This was untill i did my first ever car boot sale, i was completely blown away by the amount of stuff that i sold that i had considered as junk. From that very first time of selling i became hooked on carboot sales, i didnt care weather it was to sell or to buy. The pure amount of stuff that i have picked up for next to nothing that i have made a new home for or found use of is unreal. Now when i first heard about a friend buying clothes from boot sales i will admit i was very snobish towards it. i couldnt understand why anyone would want someone elses cast off clothes, but then i guess its just the same as buying clothes or shoes off ebay. so i decided to give it ago. As some of you may know im very into customizing my clothes, i like to have the latest fashion but hate turning up somwhere to find somebody else in the same outfit so i like to put my own little twist on it. i picked up a whole wadge of clothes and only spend something silly like £3 for the lot. When i moved into my own house we needed an aweful lot of stuff to decorate it all out and when my boyfriend suggested a boot sale i didnt think twice. looking around their was so much choice at stupidly low low prices. Now im into my vintage look and my house is kitted out with everything i can get my hands on thats vintage (most of what i have brought from a carboot sale) my reccent purcahse was a 'childrens kitchen set' that i picked up for £2.50. my boyfriend thought i was completely off my rocker we dont have children and our nephews have such toys at their own homes to play with so why did we need something like that to cutter our place up while our nephews aint over... ...Now when i say a kitchen set i mean a simple white painted wooden sideboard with room to put your tea cups on the shelving and double doors at the bottom to hide stuff away. The reason behind my madness?? a nail varnish rack! so im now about to head out to my local DIY store to get myself some paint and im going to give this beauty a little vintage make over. im thinking of going cath kidston-esk with it. i shall upload some pictures as soon as iv completed my task.. ....but it just goes to show one mans trash is most defanatly another mans treasure

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