Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Cute Nails Never Fails

ok so since developing a serious love for essie nail polish i decided that it was time to introduce my nail tech to it ... i went for my regular 2 weekly nail appointment with my gorgeous nail tech Mae yesterday and took along my new fav shade of essie.
 Sage green is fastly becoming my favorite colour currently and this beautiful shade of green is also accesable from Essie.

i love nothing more than getting in the salon and getting my nails done, its an instant feel good factor for me just as shopping is.
That hour and a half im with my nail artist is like 90 mins of theapy for me, in my job im used to people unloading all the worries to me while i do their hair so its nice for me to be able to do the same. The hand massage i get just sends me into another world and for them 20mins nothing can destress me more.
I Love long nails... iv tried short and its just not me. Im game for any shape or style, when i was younger and still in school i used to live by white tips but as iv got older i go for a cute colour every time, after all cute nails never fails.
This time Mea told me about the current trend of almond shape, so being a person who is game for anything when it comes to my nails i went for it... suprisinly i LOVE them, their long, Alot longer than im used to and i do find texting difficult as im so used to using the tips of my nails to press what i want on my phone..but yes almond gets the thumbs up from me..

After the past few months of ravin to Mae shes now getting in essie polish to match her OPI range..

This appointment i had a brand new set of acrylics put on and vintaged up the nails with some white strips on them with a hint of silver sparkle

They remind me of sweet my nan and grandad used to give me when i used to go to stay at their house..

This particular colour matches my bridesmaids dress for my boyfriends sisters wedding in september so im thinking of going with the green and having a little pink rose on each ring finger just to add to the vintage theme and to match with the bunting that im currently helping make for it (this is another blog opportunity you will come across in the near future once iv got enough bunting sorted to do pictures)

This is the very shade of green that im currently wearing on my nails and that is shown on the picture above.
the white is just free hand painted on with a nail art fine briseld varnish.

i currenty have 13 different shades of Essie nail polish all of what i have brought from ebay all bar one that i was given from a hairdressing fashion show.

i used to be a serious lover of O.P.I and China Glaze, but i personaly find that Essie do more colours that i prefer and think their bottle colour is very true to the colour it comes out as on your nails...

what do you guy think?? do you prefer another make? id be interesed to know what other polishes people are loving at the moment

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