Friday, 28 June 2013

A hairdressers work is never through

Wow so recently I have been super crazy busy at work, in fact it's been pretty busy outside of work to. 
The hot tend of ombré has finally hit the salon nearly 3 years after it went trendsetting (yes the small town I live in is very historic and it takes a while for trends to catch on down here) 

All work and no play just about sums up my life right now, if I'm not crazy at the salon in doing family at home and friends hair ready for their big nights out (something iv forgotten about due to paying for the house, bills and shopping addiction now the price of nights out has gone through the roof) 

So back to ombré, my very first ombré client was the very lovely Jess, her hair was perfect for this look, below the shoulder her inspired look was alexa Chung. 

So here is how I did it 
Below is a pic of Alexa as you will be able to see this is not dipdyed 

1, I started off gowning up my client with all the protective stuff to stop any dye or bleach getting into her clothing 

2, I mixed 40ml of 5nn and 40ml of 6% (in the goldwell range) and applied it as a root tint to Jess roots. 

3, I then mixed goldwell bleach with 9% (because Jess hair needed the extra lift due to her hair being so dark and over coloured) 

4, using foil I picked random pieces up and applied the bleach to the mid length and ends (I decided how far up I wanted to start the bleach and worked my way down from their) the top of the hair I left out I only put the foil in where I started the blonde and wrapped the foil around that 

5, I continued this process all around the head making sure I had picked up lots of hair to create to ombré look. 

*with ombré their I no set line in the hair to where one colour stops and the other colour starts. The bottom is also not all one colour it's blended in. * 

6, when I was happy I had covered enough of the hair in foils I left the colour to develop for 30 mins 

7, 30mins later I washed the colour off using Paul Mitchell shampoo one - it's a cleanser so it helps make sure all the product is out of the hair.

8, for conditioner I used matrix repair, I tend to use this after bleach to help replenish the hair that has been bleached.

9, finally I used goldwell colour enhancer these are small little droplets that all good goldwell salons will use once your hair has been coloured they go onto wet hair and is dried in. 

10, once all above is complete dry hair off using the relevant products to suit your hair and you should have a your ombré look. 

Below is a pic of my lovely client Jess and below that is the pic of her inspired look on Alexa Chung you can see on Jess hair the very top is dark and the colour has been introduced in higher up than Alexa's

Colour was created myself using goldwell products at kings hair studios in bury st Edmunds. 
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