Wednesday, 10 July 2013

A nice day for a picnic

Summer is finally here and what can be better than hitting the beach or going on a little picnic. 
I'm very lucky that we have lots of cute hot spots around near where I live for little picnic adventures. 
So I have the destinations but I didn't have the picnic essentials such as a picnic basket. 

I love things all vintage and I'm currently in the process of buying myself a new vintage bike so when I saw this picnic basket in the sale at debenhams reduced from £90 to £45 it just had to be mine. 
I love the floral cath kidston style fabric it has as its lining 

I love the plastic wine glasses, no picnic is complete without wine of course it also comes with a cork screw (what's the point in having wine if you can't open it)  

The basket also supports 4 plates, 4 knifes, 4 folks and 4 spoons

Their are also a very cute and extremely small salt and pepper shakers

All the cutlery and plates are positioned in the top if the basket lid it leaves more room for packing lots of scummy food. 

I'm looking forward to taking this out with the boyfriend down to Ely and sit by the river next weekend while watching the boats go past. 

All I need to do now Is find some food.... 

What's your favourite food for a picnic??
Do any of you make your own fruit punch to take on a picnic 

And where's your favourite place to have a picnic? Id love to know 

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