Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Redken REVIEW!

Everyone knows how split ends can ruin a hairstyle, if you want to grow it or just have healthy looking hair we all know we need to have regular hair cuts but what about between them cuts? People forget that in order to have healthy hair we still need to treat it between appointments. 
After all you wouldn't open the oven and put your hand into it without protection on you hands do why not protect your hair?

I have been fortunate enough to be sent via a supplier 
Extreme Anti-Snap to review. 

I was very excited when I received this to review because i used to work in a REDKEN stock salon and know how lovely their products are, 

Anti-Snap is a leave in treatment for distressed hair. To help reduce breakage and leave hair looking healthy, manageable and shiny. 
For best results with the product REDKEN suggest you pair it with extreme shampoo and conditioner, I unfortunately don't have either so iv paired it with my current shampoo and conditioner. 

To use, shampoo and condition the hair as you normally would and apply to towel dried  hair on the fragile or damaged areas and blowdry as you normally would. 

Most people's damaged areas are their mid lengths and ends so avoid putting this onto your roots, like any product it will make your hair go limp and greasy. 

 I have been using this product for about 2 weeks now and already I'm feeling a difference in my hair, it smells amazing which its an added bonus. The porosity of my hair was horrible, despite me not being a blonde I have coloured it so much as part of my job to keep up with the trends. 
I 110% recommend this to any one who finds their ends snap easily on their hair, for anyone who want to grow their hair, that uses a lot of heat on their hair and anyone who has bleach in their hair. 

I love the way this has a pump action to get the product out, pressing done the pump once gives a nice amount on your hands for shoulder length hair for longer and thicker hair 2 pumps will be enough. 

This product lasts ages iv used it everyday religiously for the past 2 weeks and it doesn't look like iv even touched it. 

REDKEN can be purchased from any salon stockists to find the closes REDKEN retail salon to you use their website. the product isn't cheap but you only need one/two pump/s and rub it in the palm of your hands before running through damp hair on mid length and ends.. 

I 110% recommend this product.. 
Fantastic quality, great value for money and smells Devine. 

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