Monday, 13 May 2013

kim kardashian

 Kim Kardashian is another one of my idols set aside that shes famous for a sex tape or her mega short marrage to kris humphries she woman is stunning.
she has a figure to die for with curves in all the right places and has the most amazing hair..

Kims not afraid to change her hair.. weather its an all over dark colour, suttle highlights or going for a statment blonde colour.

Her mix of fringes also all compliment and frame her face nicely.

as a hairdresser kim is always head of my hair enevy. weather is with her hair straight, in a cute updo or her trademark waterfull curls her hair always looks top notch all the time.

The other reason i adore Kim is her style. she has such a beautiful sence of style with clothes that look amazing on her and compliment her figure.
even being pregnant hasnt taken its toll on kim she looks blooming in her maternity wear/
All these critics that claim she is trying to hide her bump or slate her for wearing heels through her pregnancy, A pergnancy affects woman in all different ways, a growing size of your tummy as a girl who is normaly very skinny can be hard to ajust too, every girl wants to feel sexy and when your growning in size dispite it being bring another life into to the world i can understad why kim wears her cute dresses and sky scarper heels. the girl just wants to feel sexy within herself and for Kanye..
my words to Kim is work it girl.... if youve got it flaunt it...

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