Sunday, 3 November 2013

Blog 24

So this will be my last post as a 24 year old as Wednesday (November 6th) I turn 25! I know 25 isn't a milestone age but it seems like a real grown up age and with the fact that when I was little my life was mapped out to be married and have children by the age of 28 I think I need to hurry up and get my life sorted.. Haha!! 
So I spose really this is a blog post to look back on the last 24 years and to see how much of grown and how far I have come in my life.. 

My biggest achievement so far this is a hard one because it's a toss up between two things so I'll just throw them both out there, the first I think was renting our first and 2nd property. In the 2 years we have lived together we have worked our butts off to be able to afford rent continue with my shopping addiction and be able to live life the way we did when we lived at our parents. Despite having to make a few cut backs and sacrifices I think we have done pretty well, and the fact we have still continued to save for a mortgage fills me with happiness that all the hard work we both do most defo pays off. We recently went to see a mortgage advisor who has said within the next 6-12 months we could be looking at buying a place of our own.. For two people who have more or less been able to maintain a social life to the standard we did before rent and still save up on the worst kind of paid jobs out there that's pretty impressive. 

The second has to be with my job it kind of ties in with the first one, some of you may know I left my first hairdressing job nearly 2 years ago after working their for them for 9 years, my first job gave me my qualifications and I will forever be thankful to them for what they did and how much they helped me and I shall never regret working for them but things happen times change and people move on, and since leaving them my career has taken a serious turn for the better, I'm now doing my goldwell colour masters degree and have entered myself into lots of competitions. I have also helped out at a few catwalk shows as a little intern but iv enjoyed the experience so much and it given me a completely different outlook on my career I didn't mind doing it for free.. I'm just so thankful to my bosses for the 100% support they give me and to my lovely loyal clients that have gotten me where I am today.. 

My worst lows in the past 24 years.  Well life is like a roller coaster anyone who says it's all be plane sailing would be lieing it's how you deal with things and what outlook you take on things that help you through your lows. I'm a firm believer in everything happens for a reason, that times are there to test you to make you a better person and life is gar to short to worry. 
I try not to let myself get knocked down but I think one of the worst times of my life was with one of my boyfriends. It's ironic  that he also shared some of the best times in my life with me too. I won't name any names because that's unfair I will just refure to him a 'J' 
J played a huge part in my life he was my first serious boyfriend that I honestly could say I loved and that I saw a future with. Obviously that vision wasn't too accurate as some of you will know Iv been with my Steve the past 4 and a half years. But J made me smile when no one else could. Things took a bad turn when trouble at home (his home) interrupted our relationship we became distant to the point we just didn't recognise each other anymore, he broke my heart and despite stringing me along for a good few years after our official break up he will to this day still send me the most random texts about past times. I wish J all the best in his new life and despite back then feeling I had nothing i thank him for our failed relationship as it taught me a lot about myself and helped me find Steve (my partner of 4 1/2 years) J taught me that in order to love someone else I needed to love myself when he left I tourched myself to the point my family were extremely worried.. Never again will I let someone determine my life so much. Life is what you make it and I never plan to get myself back into that dark place. Anyway spending time worrying about stuff only gives you wrinkles. 

Looking to the future 
Well my idea of having a house being married and having 2 children by the age of 28 is now unrealistic. In the next 5 years I hope a proposal is in order with possibly changing from a miss to a mrs and changing my last name, I'd rather like the fact I (all going well) will have completed my masters degree in hairdressing and may look into doing my level 3 nvq to broaden my prospects.. 
I don't want to own my own salon nor would I really be interested in going mobile but i would like to be extra successful within the salon I work in. 
Finally id like to think that babies were on the cards in 5 years time. 

But for now I'm happy to take each day as it comes and look forward to my 25th birthday celebrations 


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