Friday, 1 November 2013

All good things will end

Well this is not my normal kind of blog post it's more just a post to remind me on feelings when I look back in years to come. So yesterday Thursday 31st October 2013 my nans house was officially sold and keys handed over... 

It was such an emotional day and to say I didn't have a few tears yesterday and the days leading up to it would mean I was lieing. 
My nan has lived in that house ever since my dad was a little boy, as a child growing up every other weekend I was blessed to spend the whole weekend with her from the Friday night right through to the Sunday night. 
The weekends I didn't stay at my nans my sister did. It was more company for her especially after my grandad died. 

As a youngster around the age of 5 I got glandular fever and was very very poorly with it. I was off school for more or less a full academic year and was lucky to attend ant more than 3 classes a week when I eventually did return. My nan used to look after me on the days my mum had to work. This is when my very first memory stars.. 
Back then my grandad would have been alive and I remember getting sudden bursts of energy even if it was just for 5 mins and I can always remember my grandad telling me to be careful of the side cabinet I used to run past in fear I would split my head open.. Other than that the only other memorie I have of my grandad is him pickin me up from nursary with a ice finger waiting in the car for me and his leather driving gloves and bead seat cover... 
My grandad passed when I was around the age of 6-7. My nan was devastated but she carried on for the sake of her children and grandchildren.... 
My nan didn't drive so my uncle spent most weekends with us too. I remember packing my little suit case on a Friday after school and taking it to my nans, Saturday mornings would alway consist of smtv live and cduk followed by a yummy breakfast of jam on toast with a nice cuppa. My uncle used to then pick us up and take us to his. 
My nan and uncle are very keen gardeners so my nan uses to help him with the garden while I watched music channels on sky..... 
Saturday evenings at my nans always consisted of a salad tea and SUPRISE SUPRISE or blind date casualty was always a one we would watch my nan would pour me a very small glass of ginger wine and I thought i was the most grown up little girl in the world and kicked back while choping down on salted peanuts.
Sundays always consisted of a garden centre or two and my nans white wine chicken that smelt amazing and tasted just as good.. 

Growing up I have so many lovely memories of holidays and times spent with my nan, i Am so truly gutted I never got to spend the time with my grandad like I have with my nan, and as hard as I try to remember him and more memory's I guess I was just far too young when he died.. 

My nan introduced me to cups of tea, brought me clothes i knew mum and dad never would and always took me to mcdonalds when we went into town. 
She is such an admiring lady and I have everything to thank her for. 
She shaped me into the person I am today. 

So with all the above memories and others such as nan teaching me to knit when we started clearing her house after she went into a care home it was the most heartbreaking bittersweet weekend. It was the same weekend me was due to move from our first house into a new bigger apartment And seeing my nans house empty was just too much. 
So here I sit outside what once was a beautiful home to my lovely nana writing this blog post remanising on all the beautiful memory's it holds while staring at the sold sign waving in the gentle night breeze.  The place looks so empty the lights are off and it's safe to say this is no longer a home just a standing house... 

But it's not all doom and gloom. Despite my nana being a very good age (94) she's still with us, it may not be in her home but she's still here In a nice residential home where we can make lots of new memory's with her. (Their is still lots of life in the ol gal as yet) 

The one thing i will miss the absolute most on top of everything is going to see my nan after watching the local firework display. It was always tradition to go round and warm up with a cuppa with chocy biccys while sat around her big table. she would always give me my birthday pressies... As my birthday is the day after firework night the suspense of knowing I couldn't open any parcels until the following morning killed me but the excitement carried me off to bed the moment I got home to make the following day come quicker..

I know at the end of the day my nans old house is nothing but bricks and water, bricks and water that will be the start of a new generation of memories. 
What I remember from all the past will stay with me in my heart forever and if I ever lose site of what my nan was like and what she did I will just look in the mirror and see her smiling back at me.... 
The house may have gone now but the memories I hold in my heart will never fade.... 
Im guessing if anyone is reading this the moral of the story is never to take a special loved one for granted and know that whatever happens in life the memories that you have made will forever more be in your heart ready to be opened and told one day 

So as I said its not my normal kind of blog post and I don't expect many to even have a comment for this it's just for me to sit back write out how I'm feeling and look back on it in years to come.,

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