Monday, 21 October 2013

Seasonal nails

Today I went to my local beauty and nail salon, with halloween just around the corner I thought its time to get some seasonal nails, at Christmas every other week from mid November I get different Christmassy nails with snowflakes Christmas trees, snowmen and santa's, New Years I have sparkly new year nails with the year printed on them and cocktail glasses free hand designed. Easter is the return of the Easter egg and bunny nails and summer brings bright bold colours with sparkles and sometimes Palm tree prints. 

I love my nails and spend a fortune on getting them done, I only ever go to one place because they understand my needs and I can't find anywhere in a 20mile radius of me who can free hand design as well as Mae from art of nails bury. (Trust me iv tried them all) 

So today when i popped in for my two weekly infill appointment i told Mae to do whatever she wanted halloween style. 
Words can't discribe just how much I love these nails. 
The Casper ghosts are all done free hand. 

Infills £18
Design £4
 Total £22! 

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  1. I went there once and wasn't very impressed so never went back.. The nail polish didn't cover my whole nail on a few of my nails and they started coming loose in a couple of days. Maybe they're good to you cause you're a regular lol.. The place I've been to the most is the one down St Johns street although they can be a bit heavy handed.. But I don't get them done very often anyway :) x