Wednesday, 25 September 2013

LBD diet

Christmas is fast approaching and with Christmas always comes the little black dress and the little black dress diet. Now I'm a proud size 14 and love my curves but at one point i found myself pushing onto a size 16, and that really didn't make me feel comfortable. Like with any persons weight we all know how we feel comfortable. 
Some size 16s love it and they look amazing for it but I just didn't feel happy within myself, and with Christmas coming and all the fatty foods it brings on cold nights in, the huge roast dinners and the sweets that seem to have started to litter the shops already I decided to get back into my comfort zone. Ideally I'd love to be a size 12 but some girls are just not designed to be. 
I have a little back dress in a size 12-14 that i would love to wear to my Christmas party so iv recently started to watch what I eat and taking up the gym on a regular basis. 

Iv been using these fat metaboliser from holland & Barrett. I love holland & Barrett for all their natural and herbal products and do tend to shop in their bury st Edmunds store a fair bit, I find it very easy to find what I am looking for and the staff are extremely friendly and will help with advise any time. 

To be fair the only reason I picked these up was because they were in the penny sale, you know the buy one get one for 1p. And they looked good value for money. 
I believe they were £6.20 for 56 tablets so I brought 2 packets and gave one to my sister. 
To use these tablets safely you need to take one tablet mid-morning and one mid-afternoon and do not take any near bedtime. 
I'm not usually one for swallowing tablets and find it very hard at the best of times so if your like me and struggle when you have to take them, you'll think their is no way you can take these. 
9/10 you will be wrong, iv had no trouble at all taking these due to there easy swallow coating they just glide down the throat with water. 

I have been taking these for the past 2 weeks combined with a balance diet and have noticed the difference already. 
It's like anything you still need to eat healthy and do regular excesise for these to work (their not miracle tablets and you won't lose weight over night by sitting on your ass) 

I have found that the tablets make me less hungry so I don't seem to snack I between meals and I find I have a lot smaller plate sizes now and usually don't finish all my meal. 
I have continued going to the gym a min of 3 times a week for 45mins each time iv been, I have been a few times more when I have had the time but I won't go any less than 3 times in 7 days.. 

I have included a before and after photo. Before taking the tablets, 1 week in and a now photo.
Hopefully you can see the difference like I can.
Like all tablets please read the institutions before use and consult a doctor if you are on any other medication when using these. 

This is how I started the diet, admittedly this isn't a great pic due to the baggyness of tr top. 

This is half way through what I have done so far I feel I look like iv lost abit but I still look bit wide. 

Now this is my most recent picture from the diet I feel my hips look smaller and I look like I'm developing more of a waist my legs I think look slightly smaller too, but I'm not sure If that is due to the colour of my trousers from picture #2 to #3 

Please let me know what you think and what other products you have used and think have been good... 

Happy little black dress dieting 

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