Sunday, 22 September 2013

A/W country trend

I'm back!! 
And so is autumn, well nearly. Just when we think the temperature is calling down we get a lovely suprise day like today. 

Today me and my boyfriend decided on a Little shopping trip to pick up some autumn/winter outfits to update our wardrobes with.
I have no idea where this has come from but I have developed a real love for country style clothing, you know how you imagine a posh farmer to look like when his back from mucking the pigs and cleaned up alittle. 
Luckily for me this seems to be abit of a trend right now. Knowing exactly what I was looking for today I headed straight for my usual clothing and accessorie store PRIMARK. 
As some of you will know PRIMARK is my ultamate fav shop especially in my job where I need to stay in fashion but run the risk of messing any clothes up with colour dye. PRIMARK is just ideal and I don't feel too sad if I mess any clothing up as I know I didn't pay through the nose for it. 

On entering the Cambridge store in burleigh road I was instantly faced with a large selection on gilets. 
I picked up a few to try on at the bargain price of £10 it would have been seriously rude not to. To my disappointment Cambridge seem to be full of stick thin size 8s and 10s with the odd few and very far between size 12s. For a curvy size 14 girl I was beginning to lose hope of finding a bargain buy. But tucked away in the depths of all the gilets was a sneaky size 14. 
To my delight it fitted and being the only one in that size in all the different styles I clung onto it for dear life. 

I love the colour of this as it's very autumn/winter and the leather like trip on the shoulders and around the pockets just adds a touch of something to this gilet. 

While in primark I picked up a gorgeous scarf to go with my gilet. An over sized scarf is the perfect accessorie for this time of year. I'm addicted to scarfs but picked out this one because of it gorgeous pattern. 

My final primark buy today was a gorgeous small tan bag. This took my eye because it's a lovely colour and I like that's its small but I can still fit plenty in it. 

To compete my look I picked up a gorgeous owl print top from peacocks for £14. 

We then took a stroll over to burtons for the other half keeping with my theme he picked up a gorgeous country style jacket. Ok it was abit over what he wanted to pay at £70 but I think it was so worth it. Now we can go out this fall matching. 

So below is a few pictures of mine and steves couples outfits 

Gilet - primark £10
Scarf- primark £4
Bag- primark £8
Owl jumper- £14 peacocks 
Men's coat - £70 Burton's 

What's your favorite A/W trends or must haves? I'd love to know. 

For now I'm off to pack up more things ready for the big move, I shall be posting a blog post of the new home when all is settled. 

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