Sunday, 12 January 2014

Shopaholic: my road to recovery

Ok so throughout the new coming months my blog is going to be dedicated to over coming my addiction to shopping. This has been brought on by the fact I actually have no money right now and have no idea what Sundays are for other than shopping. I feel strange and need to find money free things to so with my Sundays. 

Us girls love to shop; maybe because it’s part of our genetic code? Shopping can be an addiction and while it doesn’t exactly mean you need rehab, surely your wallet and credit cards will benefit from some changes.

 I know lots of girls can relate to this but how many girls (and men) can say they actually are a shopaholic? 
So how to depreciate between a normal love for shopping and a true shopaholic. 

1. You hide the things you buy...
Im not going to lie, when I lived at home I always hid my purchase's in my Carboot until it was safe to bring them out (I.e when my parents weren't about) 
I used to hide the bags in a old school bag in my built in wardrobe and receipts used to get filed away with my bank statements (but usualy between the pages so they couldn't be found
I never made this mistake of simply just putting them in the bin, I would always get found out, as for the bags with shop brands all over them I know I would be found out instantly! 
If I ever put something new on that my parents esp my mum would comment on I always said 'oh this old thing - don't you remember I brought it with you, you said you liked it' 
Occasionally if I was caught in the act while tryin to maneuver my purchases from car to house I would always come out with the line oh my gosh this was half price in the sale. My mum would give me that 'I don't believe you Claire' look and iwould always say let me sort it outand show you. I'd even gone to the depths of buying a big red pen and while in my room I would mark down the prices of what I had brought. 
I still do the same now I'm living with my boyfriend. Only I don't have a walk in wardrobe a I have to hide everything in the draw under my bed. 

2. Credit cards......
Yes I have one, and although try are usualy for emergency like when your washing machine breaks down mid month of a nasty unexpected bill arrives on your door mat, mine is purely for shopping, when iv run out of cash on my debit card oh well I have a credit card. When I look down at the transactions all I see is shops (river island, new look, h&m, primark or online shopping websites) 

3. Emotional shopping 
Ok shopping is not a comfort food, only for me it is. 
I wouldn't say I go shopping because I'm sad of stressed what I would say is when I walk away from the shops with a lovely new pair of heels or a cute little dress I get a good feeling inside, it's like a buzz. 
Iv tried taking carry bags with me with clothes I have from home so I feel like iv shopped more than I have but when I get home and take out my new purchases it's not the same feel good feeling u get when u have something new in them bags. 
It's not even that I just like spending money I'm tite when it come to handing over money for food or drinks car fixing or bills but shopping for clothes bags or shoes I will simply spash that cash! 

4. You can't save money....
I find yourself absolutely unable to save money and feel this intense need to spend every cent that comes into my purse, we want to save to buy a house and get away from renting, I love the idea of saving but in practice I just can't before the end of the month I'll be counting my last penny's and come the day before payday I'm broke. 
This is the reason im doing this, although you can't take money with you I'm not actually living my life, what's the point in having lovely clothes if I can't wear them anywhere because I'm to broke to go anywhere? 

5.  You have no idea where your money went. 
Prime example of this I got my deposit back on our old rented house, determined to put this into savings to help towards buying I was until it entered my bank, before I knew it I was in the shops buying everything that look my eye without even looking at the price tag, 3 days later I go to move my £1000 into savings and it's gone, I look around my bedroom later that day and have absolutely no idea where it went and how I spent so much... 

6. Impulse shopping... 
If I see something I like I have to have it, an will simply buy it there and then, not because I have the cash to do it but because I want it. I guess that's a sign of me bein selfish if I want it I'm having it and I don't care what I go without to get it. 
I guess I need to stop and take a step back walk away from the item and if in a few days time I keep thinking about it then maybe I do need it in my life, if Iv forgotten about it chances are I will once iv brought it so will not need it. 
See I know what I need to have as a mind set I just can't seem to put it into practice. 


7. Do you need that item?....
So iv just answered this question in my above question. 
When I see it I always want it, I always then find a way to convince myself that I need it.
 * *  

So as you can see from these tell tale signs I think I may have a problem. 
I don't normaly make New Years resolutions because I think it's abit silly but 2014 I plan to conquer this stupid addiction I have, I want to set myself a goal of goin on a nice 2 weeks holiday all inclusive somewhere extremely hot.
Although I work very hard for my money I'm a hairdresser so clearly not a high flyer warning all kind of wage kind of girl. 
I'm not disclosing what I earn a month but I never reach £1000 in any given month regardless of any added tips or bonuses! 

So starting as I mean to go on today I Sunday and normally I would head into town do abit of shopping and come home. 
The new me has laid in bed until 12 and now planning on going on a nice country walk far far away from any shops. 

The sun is shining and there is a gorgeous Blue sky, out the front of my house across the road are fields. Miles and miles of fields I'm taking Steve on a nice stroll. 

If anyone has any tips for me please drop me a message below. 
I'm going to need all the help I can get. I will be blogging on my journey every few days if not daily so please keep a check on how I'm doing. 

Day 1. 
Positive attitude, just hope this lasts past the next 24 hours! 

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