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Ok so this is me. Claire a hairdresser from a little town called bury in Suffolk. My passions in my life are my job, shopping my boyfriend shopping, anything pink and sparkly and did I mention shopping?!?

Ok so I may have a small addiction to shopping but I can't help it I just seem to accidentally fall into shops and the clothes just start calling my name. Some how they find their way into my basket or to the tills and before I know what im doing Iv got a million bags and not many pennies left. But I'm left feeling happy and theirs nothing better than getting your clothes home and doing a little fashion catwalk in your bedroom in front of the mirror or I'm my case in front of my boyfriend in our living room.
But isn't that what every girl lives for? Fashion! Fashion and beauty it all falls in with shopping and make up and to get the beauty part you need to shop. Shopping isn't just a hobbie its a way of life and no matter how hard I try I just can't seem to kick the habit.
Me and my boyfriend own our own house and even though that drinks a lot of my hard earn wage I still manage to find away to buy that beautiful top Iv been eyeing up or them sky scraper heels that I so badly need.... I mean want...want!!!!

My best friend, she's the won who will stand the other side of the changing room door awaiting for me to unlock the door and ask for her opinion, being my best friend I know she will give me the best advice and she won't think twice about laughing her head off at me if it looks ridicules but will give the thumbs up if she agrees. We're very alike and rock the same trends so as soon as Iv lost the weight I want to we will be able to share clothes and maybe save ourself lots of money.
We currently do bag swaps with one another - I love this idea because it saves an awful lot of money and makes you feel like you have a new bag for a month.

My boyfriend - the love of my life, my sole mate and the bestest friend anyone could ever have. He knows all my flaws and still loves me. That is defo a sign of a keeper. Moving in with him wasthe best  decision of my life their is no way I'd change a thing about our time together and I hope for many many years of happiness..
This kid knows my fashion sense down to a tee. I know that anything he every buys me ill love - I prob wouldn't have picked it for myself but know full well theirs Norway ill be changing anything he gets me...

So that's my life in a little nut shell in my blog you find out lots more in me my shopping addiction latest a hair trends about my works and beauty treatments.

If their is anything you wish to discuss with me please feel free go email, tweet or Instagram me. I'm always willing to take on new ideas and listen to any feedback you guys have for me.

Many thanks
Claire-Leanne xx

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