Wednesday, 21 October 2015

mummy mumble

i can only apologise for disappearing once again.
The past 3 months have been filled with sleepless nights, vomit stained tops, dirty nappies and a huge shock to the system.
Our little boy arrived on due date August 1st at 10.47am weighing 8lb 6.5oz... (and yes i pushed that out naturally) Since then life has been a bit of a daze, i now no longer have any sense of what day it is let alone the month or year.
I just about arrive to appointments on time, but should i have arranged to meet you  for a coffee then expect me to be late, with my hair tied back and minimal make up (because little boys hate watching you do your daily routine even if they are sat in their favourite bouncy chair with a tummy filled with milk)
Thought you'd be organised and sort your clothes the night before? think again... that is unless you have picked out two or three outfits because you can bet your last lipstick on the fact just as your about to walk out that door your baby is going to puke all over you.

system shock aside its the best job I've ever had and will ever have, yes i maybe on call 24/7, the pay may well be awful, I've become a human sick bucket and right now conversations are one sided but when that helpless little face looks up at you with pure love in their eyes you know its all worth it.

12 amazing weeks have now passed and its crazy where this time has gone, before i know it we will be potty training and checking out schools. time has to slow down.
my house is now less show room and more playgroup, i 100% have way to many toys & books for this boy. His wardrobe is also more filled than mine now in fact his clothes have taken over part of my wardrobe.  

maternity wage is pretty rubbish so my reviews will be limited for the next few months. I have bought a couple of new make up pieces with money i have saved so will start on reviews shortly. My posts will all be budget make up to prove you can be beautiful on a budge.
i may also take this blog from time to time in a different direction, with random baby posts. mainly so i can keep this blog active.
If you have any posts you would like me to do please feel free to let me know...


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